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Sports Conclave

Join us for the interactive session for exchange of ideas and concrete ways in which excellence in sports can be achieved by India.

Sports Scholarship

We help make difference in sporting career of young promising athletes by helping them in availing scholarships to aid their sporting skills.



SITDS is a registered society, with a mission to
activate stakeholders of sports in India. Our
focus areas are to use CSR funds of Corporate
India to improve sports infrastructure for masses
and create sports scholarships to support talented
children and youth of India for a sustainable period
of time in a transparent and efficient manner, by
partnering with various State and National Sports bodies.

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At Sports Infrastructure & Talent Development Society, we aim at conducting activities which will support and nurture sports talent by using CSR funds of corporate India, which will help in providing the athletes with requisite infrastructure, facility, equipment, coaching facilities, competition exposure and monitoring the performance to build champions.

Our initiative will focus on the following activities:

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The proposed Sports Conclave‘16 aims to bring together various prominent sports organizations, distinguished individuals from sports fraternity, sports media experts and other sports governing bodies who wish to engage in the development of sports in India. The event shall act as a catalyst to propagate sports in India by identifying and nurturing talent. This event will provide a platform for sharing vital information for collaboration among organizations.

The event will bring in a panel of speakers, who will enlighten the audience on various subjects related to sports. The panel will focus on educating sports community and bring them together to promote more participation in sports at amateur and pro level.

They will also motivate/ ask community i.e. corporate, clubs and others to contribute towards sports and take sports in India to the next level. The convergence and overlaps of different sports industries ensure specific and new opportunities for all those attending. The special panel discussion will also give attendees an opportunity to raise their queries to our distinguished speakers.

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Get the Sports Scholarship

Through sports scholarships, we aim to provide monetary and non-monetary supports to young athletes for helping them in successfully achieving excellence in the sports of their choice. Between costs for equipment, participation, travel, camps and sports clinics, many families simply cannot afford to allow their children to keep playing or even play at all at a competitive level for their age, so try to provide supports to these young budding talent.


All Young athletes upto the age group of 18 yrs , who have represented either school, state or national.


The scholarship programs are being run for Tennis, Badminton, Hockey, Cricket and Football.

Support Young Athletes

Partnering with us gives you access to extensive network of the most deserving talent - based on their rankings, our database & our network of people. We provide CSR opportunities to corporate entities, who want to search the talented young athletes and wish to promote them through scholarship, thereby help them in uplifting their level and bring them to the professional level.

Be a part of our esteemed list of partners - with whom we have successful long-term partnerships - for a satisfying and profitable relationship.

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