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About Us

SITDS is a registered society, with a mission to activate stakeholders of sports in India. Our focus areas are to use CSR funds of Corporate India to improve sports infrastructure for masses and create sports scholarships to support talented children and youth of India for a sustainable period of time in a transparent and efficient manner, by partnering with various State and National Sports bodies.

  • MCC- Run online and offline Marketing cum CSR campaigns to award sports scholarships through online /offline application process
  • Funds- Utilize your funds towards pre identified talent through our network of deserving but needy athletes in India (Through Society )


A step forward for creating excellence in sport

Driven by our passion for sports and our attempt to put India on the sports map, we have envisioned a way for Corporates and athletes to come together, for the former, to render the much needed support via Sports Scholarships.

These Sports Scholarships shall be awarded to truly deserving candidates via SITDS. We have designed strict processes to ensure that the truly deserving candidates are awarded the scholarship in a truly transparent manner. Our processes also ensure that the performance is recorded and tracked and made available for the Corporates to review. We use a Digital tool to analyze and showcase performance of every athlete under CSR SCHOLARSHIP PLAN.

We are organizing Sports Conclave’16 with the agenda to initiate and achieve excellence in sports in India and identify and support the talented individuals in sports to take the Indian sports to the next level. The conclave is a commitment to achieving strategic outcomes in the field of sports at national and international level. It therefore has a balance of sessions that allow Central government, state government, national sports bodies, state sports associations, educational institutions, Sports Authority of India, corporate India, sports coaches and academies, sports entrepreneurs, clubs and vendors who are developing sports infrastructure to interact and hear each other in the various areas of sports.

It is planned as a forum for exchange of ideas and concrete ways in which excellence in sports can be achieved by India.

The emphasis will be on creating a web of linkages to foster the excellence in sports and enable sports stakeholders to learn about policies and implement effective strategies and measures which will help in creating a transparent system.


Indian sports development at the grassroot level

Social competency